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Join us on an epic adventure of magick, Vampyres, and bloodlines in Tiera Rice's debut novel, Awakening​! The first of the Bloodline series, we follow Nadia on a path of self-discovery as she learns the truth of her family's past. With the help of mystical ancestral powers, and new acquaintances, Nadia must make the decision to defend all she holds dear or to continue her life, leaving past events behind her. What does she decide? Find out now!

Good read and storyline.  Definitely well written.  I was drawn in and could experience the build-up of good vs evil.  Transitions smoothly chapter to chapter as the story unfolds from past to current times.  Kept my attention throughout and the ending left you hanging and setup for the next book in the series.   Looking forward to next book in series. Definitely recommend to others.

Joan Leavey, JML Consulting

It's amazing the way [Tiera] wrote it. I can switch eras back and forth in my mind, just as if I am watching a movie. The colors and scenery change just like watching a movie...Very well done.

tamika hogan

While reading this book, you wouldn't think that this is someone's first novel. All I can say after reading this is that I cannot wait for the second to come out. The characters are all great and you will connect well to them. Of all of the supernatural type books, this is my favorite of them all.

ross davis, baton rouge, la

A lot of story, very well ‘researched’ and written in accessible but often elegant prose, AWAKENING has all the elements to keep a reader involved and pledged to follow the subsequent installments in this series.

Grady Harp

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