The Release Party!

Was a complete success!! I was so nervous!!

What if I didn't know what to say?

What if I fell down the stairs?? 😝😝

But none of that happened. My dad introduced me and it was so lovely.

I gave a shout-out to my editor, Caitlin McKenna (Scoria Press) and everyone clapped for her. I mean, of course I would. Awakening wouldn't be what it is without her ❤️

Then my lovely friend, Karlie, did an amazing, amazing reading! I couldn't have done it better myself!

No, seriously. I couldn't lol.

Her voice was so beautiful. She will definitely be doing an audio version lol. Then there was a question and answer segment. I was asked a lot! But when I was asked about starting the company and what pushed me to write, I definitely had to call down my brother, Rudy, who has so much to do with it (he's in the green)

Frank, also from Scoria Press, asked me a great, great question.

Then I could finally get a glass of wine!! And the party commenced!! Drinks, laughs, pictures!! And cutting the cake!! (Yummy cake!!)

The night was a blast and all the gitters left me. We announced the winner for the raffle. Congrats Jenn Bourne for winning the $200 gift card and a free signed copy of Awakening! We raised about $700 for #26forTiera, which is so awesome!

I can't thank everyone enough for coming and celebrating with me.

Special thanks to:

Kathleen Granger (red velvet cupcakes)

Jenn Sirkowa (assisting with food)

Caked Up in New City (for that kick-ass cake)

Samantha Munos for the meatballs and picking up the cake

Dollhouse NY for the candles

Melissa Borges (book and raffle sales)

And everyone else! ❤️

Oh! And this gift from Caitlin and Frank. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

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