I know, I know...

I’ve gone and disappeared again.

Promise you won’t be mad??

But I did a thing!

I started a publishing company!

I know it’s not necessary to start a company in order to be a self-published writer, but I want ALL the rights to my works…and wanted to do it the right way. I want my story to look as professional as the big time publishing companies.

Thus, Eula Rae Printing and Publishing was born.

Eula was my great-grandmother, who died before I was born. I was told she was the sweetest woman–so warm and caring. I wish I had the privilege of meeting her before she passed.

But I’ve felt her presence before.

So, I wanted her to be a part of this company, even though her memory will always be kept alive.

The Rae part came from my little one–my biggest motivation. (Love that little squishy!)

I did all the paperwork and what not, and didn’t tell a soul until it was done.

This is the first step!!

I’ve been really focusing on my story more..it’s changed some since last year, but I’m liking where it’s headed. I want it to be published in Feb/Mar of this coming year. I will do everything I can for that to happen.

I’m so ready!

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